“People learn, think, and dream visually, so it's no surprise that we are naturally drawn to the most eye pleasing images automatically.”

"Discover How You Can Generate BIG Profits Online by Giving Virtually Any Product a New, Exciting And Professional Look For Sale on the Internet! It Took Me Just Minutes To Create My Product’s Packaging And The Jaw-Dropping, Profit-Boosting Results Were Seen Almost Immediately!"

Now I’ll Show You How To Generate These Kinds of Results – or Better - by Selling Almost Any Product Online!


The internet is one incredibly large marketplace where millions of dollars are transacted daily! It’s a place where people have become millionaires – sometimes even overnight – and it’s a place where you too can do incredibly well profit-wise by selling digital products such as e-books, e-courses and software!

As great as the potential of the internet is when it comes to generating huge profits, it’s not as easy as just finding a good product, building a website and selling that product online.

Your product needs to stand out in the crowd to get noticed! You need an impressive-looking product, to even draw attention online, because there is just so much consumer choice!

You need to really impress your potential clients, so they’ll literally drop everything to buy from you. To do this, you need to make a great impression immediately because image is everything!

To demonstrate, if you were to choose between two almost identical e-books – one with a professional e-Cover and one with very amateur one – which e-book would you choose?

The more professional, attractive product will win your business hands down, because image is everything.

Image influences a buying decision regardless of price, because people want something really great for their dollar! If the product looks fantastic, chances are it will be just as fantastic, and that’s why people buy.

Too many digital products online – regardless of how great they may be – end up disappearing altogether because its image lets it down. Make sure you don’t end up like them, because if your product doesn’t look the part, I can almost guarantee with complete certainty that your product won’t generate the profits you want! If it doesn’t look the part, it won’t make it!

To succeed in really skyrocketing the profits of your business, make sure you look the part! Ensure your product looks as great as it really is, and you’ll be well on your way to generating fantastic profits online!

This is important for every digital product! It’s even more important if you are in the private label and resell business. If you are selling these sorts of products, you will know that other people are selling the identical product as well, so you must stand out and look better than your competitors!

Chances are you already knew this, however actually succeeding in implementing this is much harder. The great news is, I’m about to tell you exactly how you can beat your competitors hands down at the profit-making game!

Generating HUGE Profits Online Is Possible Provided Your Product Looks Different And Superior To The Products Offered By Your Competitors, And Now I’ll Tell You Exactly How To Do This!

I have been in the internet marketing business for quite a number of years now, and I have loads of experience when it comes to making a lot of money selling products online. I always look for ways to improve my products and make an effort to talk to my customers, to fine tune my offering, so I sell even more product and generate even bigger profits!

My customers told me that image is everything, and they even went into detail about what a great image actually is!

Armed with this priceless feedback so kindly provided to me by my customers, I checked out the image-boosting options available to me and I’ll share them with you.

Here’s what you can do when it comes to your image options:

  • Hire a Graphic Designer: You don’t need me to tell you that graphic designers can create fantastic eCovers for digital products, however the major downside is the cost! A good designer is going to cost you a fair amount of money to create your eCover and implement any changes you may request. There’s no such thing as a cheap, fantastic graphic designer, so onto the next option!
  • Buy tools or software to create your eCovers: As fantastic as it may sound to create a competitor-kicking eCover for your product, the reality is it takes considerable graphic design skill to create anything semi-decent with these tools – and we know semi-decent just won’t cut it!

    These tools and applications are complicated! You need to have artistic talent and a degree of graphic design experience to create professional eCovers with these tools, so if you don’t have the talent – or the patience – forget it!

Now as unappealing as the above options no doubt sound, there is some great news!

There IS a third option, and it’s the secret weapon that has made my life as an internet marketer so much easier and so much more profitable.

Now You Can Create Your Own Professional eCovers Quickly and Easily with Professional Photoshop eCover Templates!


What Does "eCover Templates" mean?

eCover Templates are exactly the same as
header, footer, background or button templates. You can easily add text and images or even manipulate the image layers in the eCover templates to make them look exactly like you want. And then you can use the Photoshop Action Script to create professional eCovers with one click.

You read correctly – by using these professionally designed templates, you can actually create completely professional eCovers that will position your product well ahead those of your competitors!

With “Professional eCover Template Sets” you have access to endless benefits, which will give you the image you need to skyrocket your profits, and once you purchase them for yourself, you’ll get:

  • 50 professionally designed, completely editable eBook Cover Templates: all provided in PSD (Photoshop) format with Private Label Rights. See final graphics above.


  • 50 Matching Professionally Designed Completely Editable Software Box Templates: all provided in PSD (Photoshop) format with Private Label Rights.


  • The Photoshop eBook Cover and Software Box Action Scripts: Use these to transform your new eCover templates into your professional eCovers easily and quickly! Personal Use Only!

  • 25 matching professionally designed, completely editable 700x130 Header Templates: all provided in PSD (Photoshop) format with Private Label Rights. Size: 700x130
  • 25 matching professionally designed, completely editable 700x130 Header Templates with Rounded Edges: in PSD (Photoshop) format w/Private Label Rights. (Size: 700x130)


  • Plus you also get 50 matching professionally designed AdSense-Ready Wordpress Themes w/Private Label Rights.

Aside from the fact that you can create competitor-kicking eCovers yourself, here are the major benefits of using these templates:
  • You’ll make MORE money: the templates available for you to customize will literally leave your competitors in the dust!

    By using any of these designs, you’ll position your product light years ahead of your competitors’ products, making you the number one choice for customers!

  • You’ll SAVE time: if you were to use any other eCover design package available, you would find yourself wasting precious time just trying to figure out how the software works!

    With “Professional eCover Template Sets” you literally install the software and start creating profit-making eCovers immediately!

  • You’ll SAVE money: just imagine the many hundreds of dollars you would pay if you were to hire a graphic designer to create your eCover!

    With “Professional eCover Template Sets” the outlay is tiny compared to the outstanding results! You’d easily pay hundreds of dollars to get the same quality from a designer!

  • You’ll ATTRACT plenty of subscribers: your website is your link to prospective clients, and by implementing any of these template designs for your digital products, you will attract plenty of subscribers to your website.

    That means you’ll have so many potential clients to sell to both now and well into the future!

  • You’ll INCREASE the perceived value of your digital products: compare two digital products – one with an eCover and one without – and you will automatically favor the product with an eCover because of its perceived value.

    Use any of these eCover templates, and your digital product’s perceived value will skyrocket!

  • You’ll INCREASE conversion rates: due to the fact that the perceived value of your digital product will dramatically increase when you use any of our eCovers, so too will your conversion rate.

    That’s because your product will look too good to resist!

  • You’ll CONVEY a professional image: each of the templates included in “Professional eCover Template Sets” was created by professional graphic designers, ensuring that you convey only the best image for your product!

  • You’ll BUILD credibility and trust with your prospects: a professional image will automatically build credibility and trust with your prospects, and once this has been established, it becomes so much easier to sell to these prospects!

  • You’ll IMPRESS your visitors: a professional image will win many prospects over, so when you use any of the templates contained in this application, you can be sure that you will impress all who see your product!

  • You’ll CREATE professional eCovers quickly and easily: forget about those difficult-to-use tools and applications that waste your time and completely frustrate you!

    With “Professional eCover Template Sets” just download the software and start creating the perfect eCover in next to no time!

  • You’ll have your eCover in 10 minutes: you read correctly! In just 10 minutes your professional eCover can be customized and ready to go! There is no other application as easy to use!

A great package, with great benefits …so much to remember I know, so let’s briefly go over the benefits again really quickly!
With “Professional eCover Template Sets”, you no longer have to:
  • Spend a fortune hiring an expensive graphic designer! You can save your money and put it to much better use!
  • Invest in expensive eCover creating software: You can pay quite a lot of money for some eCover applications, however with “Professional eCover Template Sets”, you’ll also receive a Photoshop Action Script – all of this for the price of lunch in a restaurant!
  • Spend days, weeks or even months learning how to use eCover software: With “Professional eCover Template Sets”, our easy-to-use application means you can create your own professional eCover in under 10 minutes!!

Now, with so many benefits to SKYROCKET the profits of your online business, you’re probably wondering how much this package actually costs!

We’ve talked about the other two options that are available to all who are serious about improving the image of their product. They can:

  • Hire a graphic designer; or
  • Buy an eCover tool or application.

Both of these options are expensive! If you hire a graphic designer to create your eCover, you can expect to pay up to $200 per eCover! With “Professional eCover Template Sets” you don’t get one design, or two – you get 50 unique designs! Now, take into consideration the fact that a professional graphic designer will charge up to $200 for one design, and 50 will cost you a staggering $10,000!!

Now that is a lot of money, however “Professional eCover Template Sets” won’t cost you half, a quarter or a tenth of that! I’m barely charging a tiny fraction of that cost!

For a very, very limited time you can buy “Professional eCover Template Sets”, complete with its 50 unique, professionally-designed eCover concepts, with the three FREE bonuses mentioned (valued at $181) for just $47.00!!

This amazing, user-friendly, benefit-packed eCover package can be yours today for the cost of a café lunch, so what are you waiting for??!!

In the time it has taken for you to read this message, thousands of internet marketers the world over would have made hundreds, thousands – perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales! You can be one of them, and “Professional eCover Template Sets” will give you the essential, professional image you need to start reeling in the money!

You get 50 professional eCover template sets for the price of a lunch – my accountant is already thinking I’ve gone completely crazy!! I’m just passionate about what I do, and I believe in this product because it’s worked for me and countless customers of mine. It’ll work for you too and I guarantee this!

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Yours in Online Sales Success,

Sean Tan

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