Create Software eCover Box In Adobe Photoshop

The Truth: eCover helps to convert sales!

Even a free report/ newsletter also have ecover on the website to increase the opt-in rate.

First, you will need to have Adobe Photoshop software on your computer. If you do not have, please go to to download the 30 days trial version.

Let's get started...

1. Create a new page with (width 700 pixel and height 600 pixel - resolution 72 pixels)

2. Start designing your ecover with text and graphic.

3. Draw a shape for your left side cover. Open the ruler in your photoshop so you can draw a correct size. Click on the top menu View > Rulers.

Draw a shape with 6.50 in the ruler like screenshot below:

After you draw a shape, make it into transparent until 10%. Then your ecover left side will be like the screenshot above, the left side cover color is little dark like shadow.

To make the shape transparent, click on the shape and adjust the percentage to 10% like the screenshot below:

4. Click here to download the 3D Box Template, then open in your Photoshop. Cut the ecover front page image that you have designed and then paste it on the 3D box.

5. The cover front page will need to resize to fit in the box. Click the top menu button Edit > Transform > Scale. Change the width and height to 70%.

6. Once resized to 70%, use Scale and Skew features make the front page fit into the box.

screenshot 1.00

screenshot 1.10

7. For the left side cover, cut it out and paste it on the 3D box. Resize it into 70%, and then use the Scale and Skew to fit it into the box.

The ecover software box is completed. All the shadow is pre-made in the 3D box and you do not require to do anything with them.

"Generate Your Own eCover Within 3 Steps And
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